It’s Championship Week!

Here's all you need to know for the 2023 Spec MX-5 Challenge Series presented by Toyo Tires National Championship!
Illustration by Chris Rathbone

Here’s all you need to know for the 2023 Spec MX-5 Challenge Series presented by Toyo Tires National Championship, being held alongside the SCCA’s 60th running of the Runoffs. For the first time this year, you can watch live coverage of qualifying and both races from the comfort of your phone or computer! Watch LIVE on the SCCA’s Facebook page (here), or YouTube account (here).


Championship Point System:
The top-10 drivers who qualify for the Championship Event will enter the Championship Event with the carryover points of the position they finished in during the regular season [e.g., the highest placing driver (1st) will enter the Championship Event with 10 points, where the tenth-place driver (10th) will enter with 1 point].  All drivers will earn additional points from the races at the Championship Event.  Each Championship race is counted as double points on the same scale as the regular season. Below is the current list of the top-10 regular season drivers entering the Championship Event with carryover points:
Nathan Nicholson (R) – 10
Westin Workman – 9
Nathan Saxon – 8
Noah Harmon (R) – 7
Alex Bertagnoli – 6
Will Robusto (R) – 5
Cam Ebben (R) – 4
Don Squirek – 3
Nico Bratz (R) – 2
Chase Jones (R) – 1

Prize Offerings:
1st Place National Champion – $30,000
2nd Place Runner Up – $20,000
3rd Place – $10,000
4th Place – $7,500
5th Place – $5,000
Masters Champion – $5,000
Hard Charger Race 1 – $2,500
Hard Charger Race 2 – $2,500
PAGID Racing Crew Member of the Year Award – $1,500
MiataCage Move of the Year – $1,000
1st Place Regular Season – $5,000 (Nathan Nicholson)
2nd Place Regular Season – $4,000 (Westin Workman)
3rd Place Regular Season – $3,000 (Nathan Saxon)
4th Place Regular Season – $2,000 (Noah Harmon)
5th Place Regular Season – $1,000 (Alex Bertagnoli)

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