Preferred Race Shops


Spec MX-5 Challenge provides drivers with a list of race shops who provide support services for Spec MX-5 racing. These services range from car building and prep, to arrive & drive services and coaching. Read the specific entry for each shop to understand what it can and will do.

Note: not all shops are approved for National Series or Invitational support. Approved National or Approved Invitational shops are marked with Approved in bold in the entry about services offered. 

To become a Preferred Race Shop or to inquire about becoming an Approved National Series Shop or Approved Invitational Shop, click here.

Registered Shops to Date:

Eastern Location

Formidable Racing

OPM Autosports

Panic Motorsports

Planet Miata

Pure Speed Motorsports

Racing Analytics

RP Performance

Rossini Racing

TechSport Racing

Windsor Customs, LLC

Central or Western Location

Winding Road Racing  (Approved N, Approved I)

Driving Force Motorsports


TFB Performance

X-Factor Racing (Approved N)

Haag Performance