Spec MX-5 Challenge 2023 Rules and Regulations
For 2023, drivers may have their cars built by series-approved builders or build/modify their own cars.  The basic build sheet for new cars is here. For race shops planning new builds check here.

All competitors (drivers, teams, shops) are strongly encouraged to join our official mailing list here, as the Series uses this tool to provide Series updates, breaking news, rule changes, and more.

During 2023, there will be 15 Spec MX-5 Challenge events plus a Championship.  At these events, the intention is to have Spec MX-5 cars run and compete for Challenge Championship points in a special class.  For that class and the Challenge Championship the following rules apply:

Spec MX-5 Challenge Sporting Regulations  – UPDATED 08.08.23 (click link to view rules)

Spec MX-5 Technical Rules and Regulations (click link to view rules)

At those weekends, Spec MX-5’s may “double dip” in SCCA STL or NASA ST5 classes.  Spec MX-5 Challenge will make every effort to have STL and ST5 run in a different run group from Spec MX-5 Challenge competition so that double-dipping is possible.

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