Spec MX-5 Challenge 2020 Rules and Regulations

For 2020, drivers may elect to rent series-owned cars, have cars built by series-approved builders or build/modify their own cars. The basic build sheet for new cars is here. For race shops planning new builds check here.

During 2020, there will be 7 Spec MX-5 Challenge marquee events plus a Championship. At these marquee events, the intention is to have Spec MX-5 cars run and compete for Challenge Championship points in a special class. For that class and the Challenge Championship the following rules apply

Spec-MX-5-Challenge-Sporting-Regulations (click link to view rules)

Spec MX-5 Technical Rules and Regulations (click link to view rules)

At those weekends, Spec MX-5s may “double dip” in SCCA STL or NASA ST5 classes. Spec MX-5 Challenge will make every effort to have STL and ST5 run in a different run group from Spec MX-5 Challenge competition so that double-dipping is possible.

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