New Competitor Checklist


Here are the basic steps needed to be a participant in the 2022 Spec MX-5 Challenge:

  1. FAQ
    Read the 2023 FAQ to determine if you’d like to run in Spec MX-5 Challenge. The FAQ summarizes philosophy, cars, points, prizes, tracks and more. The Series differs from other amateur racing so it is valuable to be familiar with the way Spec MX-5 Challenge works.
  2. Join the Official Mailing List
    Sign up to our official mailing list for all-things Spec MX-5; including important emails from our Series Manager, breaking news, and Series updates here.
  3. Confirm Costs and Budget
    Check the Series Costs to confirm that you are comfortable with the costs. Create a budget.
  4. License
    Obtain an SCCA and/or NASA full competition license if you do not already have one.  Review the Spec MX-5 Challenge 2023 schedule to determine which licenses will be required to run your selected races. Note: the 2023 Spec MX-5 Challenge Championship will be run under both SCCA & NASA sanctioning.
  5. Driver Application
    No application is required. However, we recommend filling out the contact form, simply to notify the Series of your interest.
  6. Obtain Car
    Read the Technical Rules for guidance on car requirements if you plan to build your car.  Buy, build or rent a Spec MX-5 race car.
  7. Choose A Supporting Shop
    Choose a Preferred Race Shop unless you plan on doing all car building and trackside support yourself. Complete and execute a contract with your race shop.
  8. Learn the Competition Rules
    Read the Sporting Regulations to understand rules for conduct during Spec MX-5 Challenge events, points, championship qualification and more.
  9. Get Livery Right
    Purchase and install required Series decals. Rental car drivers will not need to do this step.  Purchase and install required driver suit patches or embroider/heat transfer logos to suit. Logo art is here.
  10. Enter Events
    Enter the events that make up the Spec MX-5 Challenge competition you intend to participate in via the regional SCCA or NASA sanctioning body hosting each race. Sign up for the test day for each event in which you are participating (note that this is sometimes operated by the track not the sanctioning body). Details are posted here for each event as they become available.
  11. Register Points
    Register your participation in each event with Spec MX-5 Challenge, LLC to ensure that you are credited with points earned toward and at the Championship. Use the Spec MX-5 Challenge points registration site.  Points registration is MANDATORY to race in any Spec MX-5 race.
  12. Collect Contingency Awards
    Review and collect contingency awards as outlined here.


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