Racers, Teams, and Prospects Tune into Data Webinar Hosted by AiM Sports

Last Wednesday, Roger Caddell (AiM Sports Data National Training Manager) was joined by Josh Smith (Mazda Motorsports Business Development Manager), and Justin Cornelison (Spec MX-5 Challenge Series Manager) to present how data acquisition will shape the future of spec racing. Viewed by over one hundred racers, teams, and prospects, the webinar showcased how Spec MX-5 Challenge is using data acquisition & analysis to provide a non-immersive, first level of technical compliance.

During the webinar, multiple questions were asked which we didn’t have time to answer. These questions & answers, along with a link to rewatch (and share) the Data Webinar, can be found below:

Watch the AiM Data Webinar HERE:

Q: For the Runoffs, how do we list were we park?
A: Parking will be in the Mazda Paddock – full details will be revealed closer to the Championship date.

Q: Would it be easier to use SMX [as the Championship when downloading data] as it is similar to how the sanctioning bodies have it? (INSTEAD OF Spec MX-5 for the Championship)
A: Great question – we have discussed internally, and will be changing to this more simplified method (SMX) when we release a new ECU protocol – stay tuned.

Q: I’m using a Solo2DL on a 2013 Miata that has TCS/DSC and not getting a brake pressure reading. It seems to jump in large steps. Does this feature not work with the Solo2DL?
A: The AiM Solo2DL uses the same ECU protocol as the rest of the AiM hardware from the same era. If there is missing or incorrect ECU based data, it is not related specifically to the Solo2DL but rather the ECU protocol itself or the data coming from the cars ECU. Contact AiM tech support at 1-800-718-9090 if you have further questions.

Q: Where can we download the sports and technical regulations?
A: Visit this page where both Sporting and Techinical regs are listed. Also, sign up to our mailing list if you aren’t already. That is where the Series communicates with everyone.

Q: New ecu protocol? Will new ecus need to be sent out?
A: ECU’s all use different communication protocols. AiM has invested years of effort to create AiM ECU communication protocols for over 2,000 industry leading ECU’s and continue. When new or updated AiM ECU protocols are available, they will be included in the Race Studio 3 software and uploaded into the AiM hardware as part of the data loggers configuration. The ECU is not changed at all during this update, just the AiM device is better at interpreting the ECU provided data.

Q: Will this start [Data Acquisition] in 2024 ?
A: Data acquisition has been in place since the third round of 2023, and this ruleset will continue moving forward.

Q: Is data shared or sold?
A: Absolutely not. Your privacy is of utmost importance, and your data is being used for not only technical compliance, but also vehicle health checks. Only AiM and Spec MX-5 Challenge LLC. have access.

Q: is there any reason you are doing this manually instead of using machine learning to help you find the outliers quickly ?
A: At this time we don’t have an AI learning tool that understands what to specifically look for. In time we may get there, but not yet.

Q: Only some of the ECUs have the auto blip, is there any way to correct that?
A: We are working on making two Spec flash part #’s – this is only due to the two ABS types the cars can have. DSC or non-DSC. This will correct the issue.

Q: There was mention in chat about the clutch switch and wiring causing issues?
A: The top clutch switch needs to function for the auto blip down shift to work. This is also how the ECU knows the driver is shifting. This can cause idle issues.

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