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SCCA T4 MX-5 in Spec MX-5 Challenge Championship 2019

Frequently Asked Questions v1.2

What Is the Philosophy of The Spec MX-5 Challenge For T4 Cars?

The Spec MX-5 Challenge has the objective of being the pro series for NC-generation Mazda MX-5 race cars. As such, the series welcomes SCCA T4 cars with minor modifications to ensure good competition. The series also is working with Mazda, SCCA and NASA to build a common rule set for NC MX-5s for the future, and we see 2019 participation by T4 cars to be an important step toward a future major class and pro series.

How Can T4 Cars Participate in The Spec MX-5 Challenge?

In 2019, T4 cars can participate at two levels. First, T4 cars can run individual Spec MX-5 Challenge race weekends. This is ideal for T4 drivers who want to compete locally, perhaps as part of a “crossover” weekend where they are already running T4. Drivers get extra seat time and can see what the Spec MX-5 competition is like.

The second level is running the full Spec MX-5 Challenge season, either East or West. Drivers can run their T4 cars for the regular season. If they qualify, based on points, for an invitation to the national championship, they will be able to run for over $100,000 in prizes, using one of the series’ Spec MX-5 Challenge race cars.

What are the rules for T4 cars in Spec MX-5 Challenge?

Basically, if you have or build an SCCA T4 Mazda MX-5, it can be run in both T4 events and Spec MX-5 Challenge events. Some easy to remove or swap parts need to be changed back and forth, but we have designed it so that this is relatively easy to do on a race weekend.

The rule set for T4 cars starts with the SCCA T4 rule set. The latest SCCA GCR can be found here.

What do I need to do to my T4 car?

We will provide a list of the Balance of Performance requirements. Currently, the list of performance modifications includes: a) remove top, b) ballast to Spec MX-5 T4 weight, c) install series-approved tires. We will be testing T4 and Spec MX-5 cars pre-season to determine the exact details of the BOP. But the objective of these BOP items is to have them easy to do on a race weekend. Spec MX-5 officials also will perform a tech procedure on each T4 car. T4 cars must also be set up with reference to Spec MX-5 rules, which limit ride height and camber.

Can you build a car for me?

Yes. We have developed a build sheet that creates a car that fits with T4 and is competitive in Spec MX-5 Challenge. This build also takes into account the 2020+ specification that we have developed with Mazda and the relevant sanctioning bodies. The idea is to protect your investment as much as possible, while allowing competition in 2019. Contact the series.

Can I rent a car?

Yes. Our current fleet of rental cars are built as Spec MX-5 race cars. These are very similar to SCCA T4 cars, but differ in a few details. For more information visit the Spec MX-5 Challenge FAQ.

Can I get arrive & drive services for my T4 or rental car?

Yes. We offer a full range of arrive & drive services for both the East and West series. For more information visit the Spec MX-5 Challenge FAQ.

Is there a split start or do I start based on my qualifying times compared to the Spec MX-5 Challenge group?

There is a split start relative to other classes running in the group, but not between T4 and Spec MX-5 cars. That is, we will consider T4 cars to be Spec MX-5 cars. The only difference will be in points. If running for the season, T4 cars will score points. If running for a single event, T4 cars will not score points.

Is there contingency for me?

Mazda will provide prize money for T4 drivers who are running individual events. This money will be awarded race by race. This money will only apply to drivers doing one or two events. Full regular season drivers, whether in T4 or Spec MX-5 cars compete primarily for points (and trophies) for which individual event drivers will not be eligible. At the end of the season, qualified drivers will compete in the national championship where over $100,000 in prizes will be awarded.

What does tech look like?

The main items are: Rules inspection, weight, dyno (power and torque). This is only for T4 drivers who want to run full season. For individual events, a tech audit system will be used.

What Is The Cost Of An Event?

$1,900 for an individual T4 entrant running a two-race weekend. This cost is for single-event entrants not running for the Spec MX-5 Challenge national championship. The cost includes dry and wet tires, series administration, parts availability and tech. Individual entry fees are handled by drivers to capture multi-class discounts. Additional arrive & drive services are available at extra cost.

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