Points Registration

If you wish to accrue points toward the Spec MX-5 Challenge Series Championships, you must pay a fee to cover Series administration, PR, and prizes each time you race. This fee is paid to the Series manager, Spec MX-5 Challenge, LLC. Points registration fees are separate from the entry fees paid to the sanctioning bodies (SCCA and NASA) for each race to cover track rental and race administration. Entry fees are paid to each sanctioning body.

Visit our FAQ page for more detailed information on each series option.

You will register points for each race and must declare which Series you want the points scored in:

• Continental Series

• Invitational

• Team Series

• West Regional Series

• Northeast Region Series

• Southwest Region Series

• North Central Region Series

• Southeast Region Series

The Series offers a 60% discount for registering points in advance ($200 per event in advance, $500 post-event).

Mazda offers contingency funds to offset registration costs.

No points will be shown in the Series points chart until registration fees are paid. As always, read the rules for additional information.

You may register your Series points here. 

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