Step 1: Driver Application

This application is for the Spec MX-5 Challenge being hosted by Winding Road and Atlanta Speedwerks.

Drivers will be selected based on the answers to the questions in this application, as well as the following factors:

1) Time of application. Get your application in as soon as possible.
2) Strong competition, but no “ringers” or FIA ranked pros.
3) Reputation for being a clean and fair racer.
4) Upon selection, drivers will sign a full season contract. We will also keep a waiting list should any drivers fail to sign the contract and provide the initial payment.
5) Drivers must have funding in place and meet payment deadlines, including an initial payment upon selection.

Click here to fill out your Spec MX-5 driver application form.

Step 2: Driver Follow-Up Questionnaire for Registration

Spec MX-5 Challenge will need the following information to properly register you for the season.

Click here to fill out the driver follow-up questionnaire.