Driver Application And Points Registration Forms

Step 1: Driver Application

This application is for the Spec MX-5 Challenge.

Drivers will be selected based on the answers to the questions in this application. Upon selection, drivers will sign a contract for the National Series and Invitationals. Regional Series participants will need to arrange their own support.

Click here to fill out your Spec MX-5 driver application form.

Step 2: Event Entry

Spec MX-5 Challenge distinguishes event entry from points registration in the rules. Entry is done with the host sanctioning body (SCCA or NASA) for each regular season race. These fees cover track rental, safety equipment, corner workers, tech and administration among other things.

You enter each event via the sanctioning body for that event (SCCA, NASA or SVRA). You will pay a fee to cover track rental, officiating, corner workers, EMS etc. Some sanctioning bodies use third-party sites for registration (e.g. You may need to separately register for test days with the track for the event.

All drivers, National Series, Regional Series and Invitational, will need to enter each race weekend and test day if desired. 

Specific details of entry for each Marquee event are posted here as they become available.

Step 3: Register your entry with Spec MX-5 Challenge

Points registration is done with Spec MX-5 Challenge, LLC and covers Series PR, administration, race direction, awards and prizes among other things. Registration is a separate step from race entry in Spec MX-5 Challenge. Registration allows you to earn points and qualify for the Championship.

You will pay a fee which covers event setup, points administration, PR, prizes and awards. National and Invitational drivers pay their fees as part of their arrive & drive services contracts. The fee for 2020 West and East Regional Series drivers is $100 per event in advance of regular season event weekends and $250 per event after regular season event weekends. The fee for Regional Series drivers for the Championship is $1000 to register for the event. Mazda offers contingency money to help offset these costs.

The points registration system is available here.

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