Application And Registration Forms

Step 1: Driver Application

This application is for the Spec MX-5 Challenge.

Drivers will be selected based on the answers to the questions in this application, as well as the following factors:

1) Time of application. Get your application in as soon as possible.
2) Strong competition, but no “ringers” or FIA ranked pros.
3) Reputation for being a clean and fair racer.
4) Upon selection, drivers will sign a contract.

Click here to fill out your Spec MX-5 driver application form.

Step 2: Event Entry

You enter each event via the sanctioning body for that event (SCCA, NASA or SVRA). You will pay a fee to cover track rental, officiating, corner workers, EMS etc. Some sanctioning bodies use third-party sites for registration (e.g.

Step 3: Register your entry with Spec MX-5 Challenge

Registration is a separate step from race entry in Spec MX-5 Challenge. Registration allows you to earn points and qualify for the Championship. You will pay a fee which covers event setup, points administration, PR, prizes and awards.