Race Calendar and Entry

The sanctioning bodies (NASA and SCCA) publish event weekend detailed schedules, with run groups. Each sanctioning body will have the latest version of their event schedule and supplemental rules.

Note: Test Days precede almost all Spec MX-5 Challenge weekends. These are sometimes run by the track, not the sanctioning body. They are sometimes run by a track day operator.

REMEMBER: all drivers must enter each race in which they intend to compete. This is done with the sanctioning body for each race (SCCA or NASA). 

REMEMBER: to earn points, drivers must be entered in the run group that has the SMX or Spec MX-5 class. Drivers may also run in STL (SCCA) or ST5 (NASA), but unless they are running the Team Series, STL and ST5 are not points-scoring races. 

REMEMBER: to score points, drivers must register their points with Spec MX-5 Challenge, LLC, the Series operator. This is completely separate from entering the races. 

REMEMBER: points that apply to the championship can only be scored on Spec MX-5 Challenge Marquee weekends. 

Here is the 2021 Spec MX-5 Challenge season calendar.

Here is the 2021 points registration site.


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