Choosing Your Spec MX-5 Series

Difference With A Purpose

Spec MX-5 Challenge is unusual in that it allows 8 different regular season Series (five Regional, plus Continental, Invitational and Team) in which to score points and 8 different regular-season championships. All of these lead to the Spec MX-5 Challenge National Championship and provide a way for drivers to compete fairly without having to make a big commitment to travel or run a large number of events. The different Series cater to different needs, and some of these needs are not really addressed by other amateur racing series. Some drivers will be happy to compete for their chosen regular season championship. Some will want to continue on to the National Championship, and the diverse Series are all aimed at bringing an exciting group of competitors together to compete head-to-head at the National Championship.

Comparison of the Series

Here is a basic chart of the differences between the Series:

REMEMBER: Each event during the regular season is open to racers from all Series.

REMEMBER: Drivers from all Series are competing for race points against one another. See points system for details.

REMEMBER: When you register your points, you will be asked which Series you are running.

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