Help Don Reach His Fundraising Goal

Last season, Spec MX-5 Challenge Series racer Don Squirek received the news of a multiple sclerosis diagnosis. For the remainder of the 2022 season, Don raced for charity to bring awareness and to raise money for the National MS Society. He has continued this for 2023, and has raised over $2,000 and is very close to his $3,000 goal. You can donate HERE:

As many of you may know, in the middle of last year I was hospitalized with what I would find was my first multiple sclerosis (MS) attack. Determined to make a difference, last year I turned my personal challenge into a mission to fuel change. This year, in addition to another season of Spec MX-5 racing, I’m again embracing an even bigger race: the race against MS.

The previous year was a testament to what we can achieve when we drive together. We raised a staggering $54,000 in total, with more than $2,000 directly fuelled by my fundraising endeavors!

This year I have set a new goal of $3,000 and hope to meet it by again offering some one of a kind motorsports perks for those who donate.

The $75 donation tier to get your name on my car for the ’23 season remains.

Thanks to Formidable Racing, and Jzilla Track Days I also have 2 new very cool new donation tiers which will allow donors to ride shotgun in my Spec MX-5 race car later this year at Atlanta Motorsports Park.

If possible, I’d love to have your support to help both improve the lives of those battling with MS, as well as fund research to end this disease for good.

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