2023 Schedule

TheĀ 2023 preliminary regular season schedule.

Note: Spec MX-5 Challenge will run in a specific SMX class for points and contingency money (in addition to optionally running with non-Spec MX-5 cars in the STL or ST5 classes). Right now, subject to changes by sanctioning bodies and the Spec MX-5 Challenge Executive Committee, the schedule looks like this:

The sanctioning bodies (SCCA & NASA) publish event weekend detailed schedules, with run groups. Each sanctioning body will have the latest version of their event schedule and supplemental rules. You will need to register with the sanctioning body. 

Note: Test Days precede almost all Spec MX-5 Challenge weekends. These are sometimes run by the track, not the sanctioning body. They are sometimes run by a track day operator.

REMEMBER: to score points, drivers must register their points with Spec MX-5 Challenge. This is completely separate from entering the races. 

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