2023 Costs

Driver costs for a season of Spec MX-5 racing will vary according to geography, number of races, level of support and on-track damage. However, here is some data collected from multiple drivers:

• A new car build, done by a professional shop, will cost $55-60k if built to front-of-the-pack standards and with the options typically required by top-flight racers

• The full parts list to build a basic new car is about $35k. This is with no labor, just donor car and required parts. Most drivers will add some parts, such as advanced video, cool shirt, extra wheels, Li-ion battery, graphics etc.

• Labor hours for a professional build by experienced mechanics is about 120 hours, with some variation for donor condition and parts selected

• Used cars ready to run are available for $35-45k depending on features

• A race weekend budget would include:

  • $1250 for tires
  • $500 entry fee with SCCA or NASA
  • $200 Spec MX-5 Challenge points registration
  • $300 test day fee
  • $250 fuel and fluids
  • $75 for pads
  • Mechanical failure
  • Crash damage
  • Mechanic(s)
  • Transport
  • Hotels
  • Food
  • Coaching

Some of the above may be minimal cost or high cost depending on each driver’s desires.

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