2022 Car Livery Guidelines

Spec MX-5 Challenge, LLC has issued standards for the livery used on cars racing in the Series. The basic idea is to allow competitors to earn contingency money, prizes and awards. The Series also wants drivers to be able to present a consistent, professional appearance for their sponsors. Finally, we wanted to leave as much of the car as possible open for your livery, team i.d. and sponsors.

As a starting point, all cars must have decals as required by the sanctioning body for each race. These are specified in the GCR for the relevant sanctioning body (NASA and SCCA for Challenge Series races).  NOTE: At most events, “SMX” is the class designation for Spec MX-5 Challenge Series racing. The image below shows the optional STL class designation, but for Spec MX-5 Challenge racing we recommend using SMX.

In addition, to qualify for sponsor contingency money, points and prizes, cars must carry the following decals in the specified positions:

  • Mazda logos on rear fenders and front bumper (may appear on bumper cover or on bumper structure cover plate)
  • Toyo Tires logos on front and rear bumper cover corners and on rocker panels
  • Pagid Racing logos on rocker panels
  • Spec MX-5 Challenge logos on windshield eyebrow, upper rear section of front fenders, and rear center bumper cover

For consistency, the following guidelines are preferred:

  • Note: ideally car minimum weight should appear on the rocker panels directly below the number plate (if used)
  • The number plate is optional, but preferred
  • Car numbers on driver’s right side of windshield, center rear section of front fenders and rear license plate recess
  • Driver’s name on windshield below number

An example of these logos and other decals with approximate placement is shown in this diagram (again, note that the Spec MX-5 Challenge class designator is generally “SMX”; image shows optional STL class):

Screen Shot 2020-02-29 at 10.59.41 AM

The blue and black colors are simply illustrative of the free area for each driver’s livery. 

Note that these locations have been chosen to leave ample space for individualizing the design of your car and for sponsor logos. The main sponsor/design area is indicated by the diagonal red/white areas above, which are free to be designed as you wish.

As a convenience for drivers and race shops, the windshield eyebrow, side number plates, rear license plate blank and the required Mazda, Toyo, Pagid and Spec MX-5 Challenge decals will be available for purchase in the Spec MX-5 Parts Store. The vector art for the Series and sponsor logos is also available for those who wish to cut their own decals or incorporate the logos into printed wrap material. 

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