2021 Points System

At each Marquee event in the SMX class, all drivers — Regional, Continental, Invitational and Team Option — will compete for points on the same 100 point scale. The driver who finishes Race 1 in first place, regardless of series, will earn 100 points. The driver who finishes P2, will score 95 points. P3 earns 92, P4 earns 90, and P5 and beyond getting 1 point less per position: 89, 88, 87 etc. If 5 or fewer cars are entered in an SMX race, P1 will receive 95 points, P2 earns 92, and so on.

So, for example, if a West Region driver finishes P1 overall, she will score 100 points. If a Continental driver get P2 overall, he will score 95. If a Team Option driver gets P3, he will score 92, and if the top Invitational driver finishes P4 overall, she will get 90 points.

Team Option drivers also score points with their driver running in STL or ST5 class. These points are earned on a 100 point scale against other Spec MX-5s (but not other car types) running in the double-dip class. Races are counted based on the best combined totals of SMX and double-dip points by event (e.g. you can’t cherry pick 6 SMX races and 6 different double-dip races).

The regular season points ranking and podium are determined separately for each Regional, Continental, Invitational and Team Option (8 total podiums). This is done by taking the average points earned by each driver or team. So, a North Region driver counts his top 6 races (zero points are assigned for races not registered if less than this maximum; registered races with DNS or DNF get last place points). If those earned 545 points, then his regular season points would be 545/6 = 90.83. If that is the highest average points value for North Region drivers, then our example driver wins the North Region regular season.

Similarly, a Continental Series driver might run 10 races. Points count for her top 8 races. If these total 750, then her average is 93.75. If that is the second highest total among all Continental Series drivers during the 2021 regular season, then she earns the second spot on the Continental regular season podium.

The same approach of averaging points per race counted is used for Invitational (all races are used to calculate season average) and Team Option (best 6 races) scoring.

Average points earned during the regular season are also treated as carryover points for the National Championship. In addition, drivers earn 0.5 bonus points per registered race (i.e. 1 point per registered event).

The Spec MX-5 Challenge National Championship is currently planned for November 2021 at Road Atlanta. It will bring together the top points qualifiers in the Spec MX-5 Regional Series, Invitationals, Continental Series and Team competition. Each driver or team will carry over points based on the average from their regular season races counted toward their regular season championship plus bonus points. Each of two Championship races will offer 100 points on the same scale as in the Regular Season, with P1 earning 100, P2 earning 95, P3 earning 92, P4 earning 90, and P5 and beyond getting 1 point less per position. Carryover points plus those scored in the Championship races will determine the 2021 season champion. An estimated $70,000 in prizes will be awarded and drivers will also be eligible to be selected by Mazda for the MRT24 Shootout.