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Top of the Charts: Quance Wins East, Mollno West, Martin National Series

With the exciting completion of the regular season at Sonoma Raceway, we now have calculated the final points rankings and carryover points for the 2020 Spec MX-5 Challenge Championship.

East: Tyler Quance

• Tyler Quance (Drake Motorsports Development) topped the East Region with 60 points and earned 60 carryover points. Quance was able to win 5 races to ensure maximum carryover points. All of Quance’s Regional wins were also overall wins, giving Quance an impressive season.

West: Wes Mollno

• Wesley Mollno (Haag Performance/ROW Signs) topped the West Region with 57 points and also earned 60 carryover points. Mollno won Regional competitions 4 times.

National: Tom Martin III

• Tom Martin III (Winding Road Racing) topped the National scoring with 208 points and earned 60 carryover points. Martin had 5 National wins, one of which was an overall victory. He drove in 8 National races and never finished lower than second.

Carryover points are assigned based on rankings in the West Regional, East Regional and National Series not raw points. Invitational drivers, who score points in individual events, carry over their raw points to the Championship.

Invitational: Aaron Jeansonne

• Aaron Jeansonne (Winding Road Racing/Mazda Motorsports) scored the maximum Invitational points of 59, which he will carry over to the Championship.

At the Championship, drivers will run in two races, each offering 30 points. These Championship race points are added to carryover points to determine the Championship winner. It is important to note that the points awarded per championship race are 30 for first, 27 for second, 25 for third and only then decline by one point per position. This means that drivers can overcome what might appear to be substantial carryover points deficits by winning or placing second in the Championship races.

With 22 drivers within 6 points of the maximum carryover possible, the Championship round is set up to be very competitive. Here is the regular season points summary, ranked by carryover points:

The Championship will take place at COTA on November 5-8. Entry and registration are open to any driver registered for at least one regular season race.

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