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Spec MX-5 Challenge 2020 Road America Gallery

Road America hosted round 3 of the 2020 Spec MX-5 Challenge Series and delivered a big field and plenty of close racing. Here are a few highlights our photographers captured.

Photography by O’Malley Racing.

Wael Khreiss knows practicing T5 is important at Road America

Charles Mactutus gets ready to put on a show

Ryan Harrison and Ricardo Arruda set up a battle that lasted all weekend

New kids in town Grant West and Joey Atanasio take the chance to learn from Todd Buras

Tom Martin III and Charles Mactutus in a battle that would be decided by thousandths

Drake Kemper explains his strategy to the Series Director

Panic Motorsports’ Steve Bertok gives Charles Mactutus some tips

Race 1 was going great for Justin Piscitell early on lap 1

Drake Kemper learns empathy for sandwich meat

Start of Race 2 was a little more orderly with SMX having the front split

With a big field there are battles everywhere

Justin Piscitell hangs on despite faltering engine

Tow and Toe: Aidan Fassnacht gets a tow from father Matt to help compensate for excess rear toe angle

Pass, repass; pass, repass; pass, repass – Gonzalez, Harrison and Taurino did this most of the day

Tyler Quance and Joey Atanasio vie for the lead

Martin drifted the Kink on lap 1, which put him just out of the front draft — don’t drift and drive

Harrison and Arruda again

Work for it: eventual double-winner Quance sees Kemper in his mirror on the last lap

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