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Clarifications After Two Rounds Of 2020

We’ve found there are a few common questions and points of confusion about Spec MX-5 Challenge racing in 2020, so we’ve rounded these up here in case it helps.

Who am I racing against?

As outlined in the rules, drivers from National, Regional and Invitational competitions will be on track at the same time. Regional drivers are competing for points against other Regional drivers. National drivers are competing for points against other National drivers. Invitational drivers are competing against other Invitational drivers. So, if a National driver finishes in P1 overall and a Regional driver in P3, each scores the maximum points for their competition. Trophies and medals are awarded by competition (National, Regional, Invitational).

How do I tell which competition the car ahead of me is in?

From Road America onwards, we will ask drivers to place an “N”, “R” or “I” decal on their rear bumper. Since any pass you make should be done safely, you may also just pass any car that you can.

Why don’t my points show up on the official points standings?

As outlined in the rules, drivers must register their points for points to be counted. For National and Invitational drivers, this is done by your supporting race shop. Regional drivers may register at under Info/Rules/Points Registration.

How does qualifying work?

As outline in the rules, we will use the SCCA qualifying system when possible. Race 1 grid is set by Qualy 1 times. Race 2 grid is set by the fastest of:

• Qualy 1

• Race 1

• Qualy 2

This allows drivers who have had some difficulty in Qualy 1 a second chance. It also means drivers trying to preserve their tires do not have to run Qualy 2.

Can I switch to the National Series?

No. As outlined in the rules, applications for the National Series must go through an approved shop. Contracts and payment were required by July 23.

You keep talking about rules; where are they?

The sporting regulations governing on-track activity and the vehicle technical specification covering the car are under Competitor Info/Rules on the site.



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