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Lookin’ Good: More Than 40 Spec MX-5s Under Construction For 2020


More than 40 of the new 2020 edition Spec MX-5 race car are currently being built, with the potential for many more to come. At least 29 of these cars are being built by Spec MX-5 Preferred Race Shops.

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“This is exciting news, because it means that car count should be strong at the Marquee events scheduled for 2020,” said Tom Martin, managing director of Spec MX-5 Challenge, LLC. He explained that “the ten Marquee events are designed to help focus race shops and drivers on the events with the highest car count; with the Series bringing at least 5 cars to every Marquee event, if most of the cars under construction also focus there, we could have over 15 cars at regular season events and even more at the Championship.”


The Spec MX-5 Challenge presented by Toyo Tires Marquee events award contingency money and points toward the 2020 Spec MX-5 Championship. Up to $100,000 is then up for grabs at the Championship event which will be run in November at Circuit of The Americas.

Car builds are for customers across the USA:

• California

• Texas

• Washington state

• Colorado

• Illinois

• Wisconsin

• New York

• Pennsylvania

• Maryland

• Washington, DC

• Virginia

• North Carolina

• South Carolina

• Georgia

• Florida

California, Texas and New York have the most builds, but this isn’t too surprising as they are three of the four largest states. California Spec Miata ace Wes Mollno typifies the excitement around the new car, saying “As a long time Spec Miata driver, I was looking for a change and wanted a series with newer cars/technology without losing the characteristics of Spec Miata.  Spec MX-5 seemed to check all my boxes.  Great handling tech-able cars, reasonable costs, along with the reputation of Mazda with regards to durability and support.  The car, as setup for Spec MX-5, can be run competitively in both SCCA and NASA and the fact that I can run the Spec MX-5 Challenge West Series without having to cross the country sealed the deal. I can’t wait to test and race my car.”

To gather the car build information, we did a survey of the Spec MX-5 Preferred Race Shops. We also did a tally of independent builds using information from inbound calls, emails and registered builds with Spec MX-5 Challenge LLC and contacts with Mazda Motorsports. Winding Road Racing, Rossini Racing, X-Factor Racing, Techsport, Pure Speed, RP Performance and Advanced Autosports are leading this charge, with Racing Analytics and East Street also getting involved. Shops and independent builders are encouraged to register their cars to gain a variety of benefits.

There is still time to order new cars from many shops. In addition, Mazda Motorsports discounts on Spec MX-5 parts run through January 31. Information on building cars is here.


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