2020 Point System

Drivers will earn points by racing in Marquee events. These points will yield “carry over” points for the Spec MX-5 Challenge Championship event. Points scored in the Championship races plus carryover points will determine the Championship winners. Regional Series, Invitational Series and National Series score carryover points differently, with the intent of allowing drivers in different series with different race structures to come together at the end of the year and compete fairly.

The points system is presented in the Series Sporting Regulations in detail here. Always refer to the Sporting Regulations if you want to be sure you have the latest information on points and other matters. The rules summary is below for convenience in giving a flavor of how the points work.

Spec MX-5 Challenge National Series Regional Series Invitational
Events required to qualify for championship 3 events 1 race 1 event
Max points per race 30 per race 10 per race 28 per race
Points scored versus Other National drivers Other Regional drivers Other Invitational drivers
Max bonus points per race Zero 2 per race (max 10) 3 per event
Max Carryover races Ranking based on best 6 races 5 races (points and bonus) 2 races plus bonus, at one event
Max possible Carryover points 60 60 59
Points registration fee Included $100 per event Included
Championship points 30 per race 30 per race 30 per race
Championship points scored versus All Spec MX-5 Challenge drivers All Spec MX-5 Challenge drivers All Spec MX-5 Challenge drivers

National Series Points

National Series points during the regular season will be assigned for each race finish as follows: 1st – 30, 2nd – 29, 3rd – 28, 4th – 27, 5th – 26 and so on if there are more than five contestants.

At the end of the season, National Series drivers will be ranked based on their best 7 races. The top-ranking competitor is awarded 60 carryover points, P2 receives 59, P3 receives 57 and so on.
All National Series drivers must contract and pay for 5 events, and those who have run at least 3 events qualify for the Championship.

Invitational Series Points

Invitational points during the regular season will be assigned for each race finish as follows:
1st – 28, 2nd – 27, 3rd – 26, 4th – 25, 5th – 24 and so on if there are more than five contestants. Invitational drivers also score points for teamwork, clean driving and social media (2 points for each award).

Invitational drivers may only count two races and bonus points at one event,  as carryover points. All Invitational drivers who are paid and in good standing will qualify for the Championship.

Regional Series Points

Regular Season Points System:

Regional points are only awarded to drivers who have registered their points.

Regional season points will be assigned for each race finish as follows:
1st – 10, 2nd – 9, 3rd – 8, 4th – 7, 5th – 6, 6th – 5, 7th – 4, 8th – 3, 9th – 2, 10th – 1

Two bonus points will be awarded for starting each Regional race (max. 5 races).

Drivers may combine points from East and West Regional events; but, note that the 5-race limit and 10 bonus point limit apply by driver, not per Series (e.g. you cannot do 5 races East and 5 races West and add up points from 10 races).

Regular season finishing order will be established by adding the points from each driver’s best 5 races to bonus points from up to 5 races. The highest point total (for 5 races + bonus) will be awarded first place for the regular season, the second highest will be awarded second place, and so on.

Carryover points will be based on a ranking in each Region. The top points scoring driver in each Region will receive 60 points, the second place driver in each Region will receive 59 points, etc.

Any driver who is registered for Regionals, and runs at least one race, will be qualified for the Championship.


Spec MX-5 Challenge Championship

As many as the top 60 full-season drivers from the series may qualify, based on regular season carryover points, to compete head-to-head at the Championship Event.

Drivers who qualify for the Championship Event and register, will start the Championship Event with the carryover points they earned in the regular season.

Championship Event points will be assigned for each Championship race finish as follows: 1st – 30, 2nd – 27, 3rd – 25, 4th – 24, 5th – 23, 6th – 22 and so on down to 30th place.

The Championship winner will be the driver with the highest points total based on carryover points plus Championship Race 1 points plus Championship Race 2 points.

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