2020 Point System

Drivers will earn points by racing in Marquee events. These points will “carry over” to the Spec MX-5 Challenge Championship event. Points scored in the Championship races plus carryover points will determine the Championship winners. Regional Series, Invitational Series and National Series score carryover points differently.

National Series Points

National Series drivers are guaranteed qualification for the Championship. National Series drivers score points during their regular season Marquee events:

20 points for 1st, 19, for 2nd, 18 for 3rd, 17 for 4th and so on. At the end of the season, each driver is ranked based on his/her best 9 races. The highest ranking driver is awarded 20 carryover points, the second ranked driver is awarded 19 carryover points, and so on.

Invitational Series Points

Invitational drivers are awarded points at their (single) events as follows:

• 15 points for first place among Invitational drivers

• 14 points for second place among Invitational drivers

• 13 points for third place among Invitational drivers

Invitational drivers also score points for teamwork, social media presence, and clean driving (1 point for each category per event).

The top points scorer at each Invitational event is the winner and qualifies for the Spec MX-5 Challenge Championship. The winner carries over his/her points from the Invitational.

Regional Series Points

East and West Regional Series drivers score points as follows:

• 1 point for each event entered

• 3 points for P1 in a race

• 2 points for P2 in a race

• 1 point for P1 in a race

Maximum 8 races counted

Regular season points are totaled and the top points winner in East and West is awarded 19 carryover points. The second points total gets 18 carryover points, the third 17 and so on.

Spec MX-5 Challenge Championship

Each race earns 20 points for P1, 19 for P2, 18 for P3 and so on. The sum of Championship race points and carryover points determines the winner. If there is a tie, carryover points are the first tiebreaker.