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Request a Car Number: Spec MX-5 Registry Announced for 2020 Cars


Spec MX-5 Challenge, LLC has announced the creation of a Spec MX-5 Registry. The purpose of the Registry is to provide the standard way for the series to contact and update car owners concerning rules changes, livery standards, car numbers, prizing, new race opportunities and community activities. You can also help the series promote the growth of Spec MX-5 racing.

Get Your Car Number

One of the basic functions of the Registry is to allow drivers planning on running Spec MX-5 Challenge Marquee events to request car numbers. The Series will assign numbers based on this expressed preference to the best of its ability. The goal is to have drivers running numbers they like while avoiding conflicting numbers. There still may be issues at individual events because Spec MX-5 Challenge runs with other classes. Register your car and request your numbers here.

Other Benefits of Car Registration

For example, Registry members will be included on the Spec MX-5 Challenge Update newsletter distribution list. Registry members may also receive invitations for PR opportunities resulting from event results.


To join the Spec MX-5 Registry, please fill out the form here.

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