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Spec MX-5 Chassis 200607 And 200608 Begin Buildout At WRR


Winding Road Racing has announced that it has begun building chassis 207 for Jaden Lander and chassis 208, which will be available for sale. Cars 201 through 206 are already under construction. “We have developed an efficient build process for new cars and conversions, and our builds are moving along well,” said Todd Therkildsen, Competition Services Manager for Winding Road Racing. “We are well along in the contracting phase for 4 more cars. In addition, we receive new inquiries almost every day, so our estimate of building 10 cars for the 2020 season is looking conservative,” Therkildsen observed.


Information on Winding Road Racing Spec MX-5 builds is here.

Information on other Preferred Race Shops is here.


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