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Embedded Coaching Continues In 2020 Spec MX-5 National Series


Spec MX-5 Challenge, LLC has announced that it will again offer embedded coaching as part of its 2020 National Series. “Embedded coaching is a concept that stems from our focus on driver development in Spec MX-5 Challenge,” said Steve Marengo, manager of business development for Spec MX-5 Challenge. “We have a high quality driver running the series who also provides coaching for all the National Series drivers via data analysis and video analysis. By having the coach driving the same car on the same track on the same day in the same run group, embedded coaching can accomplish things that ordinary coaching sometimes can’t,” Marengo observed.


For 2020, Spec MX-5 Challenge, LLC has engaged 2019 series champion Tom Martin III as embedded coach. Martin qualified on pole in every 2019 race, and swept the series with 12 straight wins, following his P2 Championship finish in 2018. Martin commented “I had a great time in 2019 and I’m looking forward to 2020. Of course I like winning, but I also really enjoyed getting to know all of the drivers and working with them on the specific skills that benefit them the most. I made some friends along the way, which is very satisfying.” He also noted, “There are things we can do on track with embedded coaching, like bump draft practice and lead/follow that are tough to do if the coach is in the paddock or on pit wall.”

More information on the Spec MX-5 Challenge National Series is here.

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