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Teenage Spec Miata Racer Joins Spec MX-5 National Series

Jaden Lander of New York City has signed up for the 2020 Spec MX-5 Challenge National Series. Lander, 17, has Spec Miata experience in the Northeast and is looking to expand his seat time and diversify his track knowledge in Spec MX-5. In the National Series, he will run at VIR, Road Atlanta, Watkins Glen or Road America, Sonoma Raceway and at least one other nationally-recognized track.

Before signing on, Lander was curious about Spec MX-5 Challenge’s focus on driver development. Jonathan Goring, 2015 SCCA Spec Miata Runoffs Champion, has been coaching Jaden. Goring said “I like the way the Series provides data sharing options to support coaching and encourages drivers to involve their coaches as much as possible.” Goring will provide coaching for Jaden during the pre-season and at each of the National Series races during the 2020 season.


The Series did a brief interview with Jaden to develop this profile:

Spec MX-5: Where did you get started racing?
Lander: The first time I got on a track in a car was at Lime Rock Park in 2017

Spec MX-5: What kind of racing have you been doing recently?
Lander: Spec Miata club racing (sprint races)

Spec MX-5: What attracted you to Spec MX-5 Challenge?
Lander: It is a great entry level series to compete in, have some good racing, and open up opportunities for the future.

Spec MX-5: What racing goals do you have?
Lander: To either race in IMSA or Indy car

Spec MX-5: What approach are you taking to building your skills in Spec MX-5?
Lander: I’ve been doing some open wheel classes, running different tracks in my SM, getting the most seat time possible and getting physically fit.

Spec MX-5: What is your most memorable racing experience?
Lander: My first win! That was at Lime Rock earlier this year.

Spec MX-5: Do you have a favorite track? A track you are looking forward to running?
Lander: I’m really looking forward to winter testing at COTA.

Spec MX-5: Is there something that makes you unusual or special among the drivers in a typical event?
Lander: I started racing about only a year and a half ago. At age 17, I am typically one of the youngest drivers in the field.

Spec MX-5: Who supports you, either emotionally or financially (or both)?
Lander: Financially my mother and emotionally my parents.

Everyone at Spec MX-5 Challenge headquarters is excited to welcome Jaden to the Series.

For more information on Jonathan Goring:

For information on the Spec MX-5 Challenge National Series:

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