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The Spec MX-5 Online Parts Store Now Open

With the launch of the Spec MX-5 v2 race car, has launched a Spec MX-5 parts store.

The Spec MX-5 Parts Store dovetail with the list of required parts from Mazda Motorsports. Mazda mandates certain items which they sell, other parts are required or optional and up to the driver. A complete set of these latter parts are in the Spec MX-5 Parts Store.

The Spec MX-5 Parts Store offers an array of parts needed to convert your donor NC Mazda MX-5 or upgrade a T4 or Playboy Cup MX-5 into a full-blown SCCA or NASA Spec MX-5 race car. The store includes:

• roll cage kits,

• seats,

• harnesses,

• steering wheels,

• data systems,

• radios,

• fire systems,

• driver cooling,

• mirrors,

• nets

All these items and more are selected to fit the 2006-2014 MX-5. These items complement the engine and suspension parts which must be purchased from Mazda (or through your car builder) and which are listed below.

Visit the Spec MX-5 Parts Store here.

For more information on Spec MX-5 racing, including schedules, FAQ, points system, and prize money, visit

Parts available from Mazda:

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