Spec MX-5 Challenge Welcomes NC MX-5 Cup Cars For 2019

Spec MX-5 Challenge has announced that owners of NC generation Mazda MX-5 Cup cars (sometimes known as “Playboy Cup cars”) are eligible to run in the Challenge series. Tom Martin, director of the Spec MX-5 Challenge said “Mazda estimates that about 100 of NC generation MX-5 Cup cars were originally built and that many of them are still running in original trim. They are very similar to the Spec MX-5 and T4 cars that are currently eligible for the series, so we wanted to open things up to these important cars. Competition is king, after all.”

Series entry fees, including tires, start at $1900 per event. Additional details of running NC MX-5 Cup cars are as follows:

  • NC MX-5 Cup cars must comply with Spec MX-5 Challenge rules.
  • Basically, this means that NC MX-5 Cup cars run in their original trim, but ballasted to a new BOP weight (right now 2675 lb with driver), with series-mandated Yokohama tires and Pagid brakes, and within series set-up limits.
  • Drivers may run individual races or race the entire season.
  • Drivers may support their own cars or sign up for trackside services (package options and pricing here)

The series kicks off the 2019 season in early May at Circuit of The Americas. This full race schedule is:

  • Circuit of The Americas, May 4-5 (NASA)
  • Weathertech Raceway Laguna Seca, June 1-2 (SCCA)
  • Sonoma Raceway, June 15-16 (NASA)
  • Road America, August 17-18 (SCCA)
  • Utah Motorsports Campus, October 5-6 (NASA)

Each event is preceded by a practice day.

The application to run the season or individual events is here.

Questions can be addressed to [email protected]

The full series FAQ is here.

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