The Tracks of Spec MX-5: Circuit of The Americas

On May 4-6, and then again on September 13-16, Spec MX-5 Challenge – Central will run at Circuit of The Americas. COTA is well-know as the host of the US Grand Prix Formula 1 race, as well as IMSA, Pirelli World Challenge, WEC and MotoGP events in recent years.  

For some laps around COTA in an ND Mazda MX-5 Cup car (a little, but not much, faster than the NC generation car used in Spec MX-5 Challenge), we turned to in-car video from a PWC TCA event last year. Here Winding Road Racing driver Jeff Sexton demonstrates some of what drivers like about COTA: 

  • Complex layout, with 20 turns and a variety of turn shapes and combinations
  • Long straights leading into heavy braking areas giving multiple conventional passing points
  • Very wide track, allowing creative lines and alternative passing points
  • High-quality facility, with a generally good track surface
  • Austin music, restaurants and night life are also very close by, which can make for a fun extended weekend

Here’s Jeff in the #89 Mazda at COTA:

Screen Shot 2018-01-29 at 1.18.07 PM

Spec MX-5 Challenge offers a new rung on the pro ladder system, positioned between Spec Miata and Global MX-5 Cup, with $100k in winnings going to the champion. Costing $45,000 for the season, with full arrive & drive service, including a race car, Spec MX-5 Challenge is a cost-effective series focused on driver developmentIf you are interested in becoming a Spec MX-5 Challenge driver for the 2018 season, fill out the easy application form here. Deadline is January 31st. For additional information, start with our FAQ.

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