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Spec MX-5 Looking For A Few (More) Good Drivers

For 2018, the Spec MX-5 Challenge has received 24 applications for 20 seats (10 Eastern seats and 10 Central seats). But the series isn’t full yet. The application process closes on January 31, with the first race events in March. There is still time for interested, qualified drivers to get an application in

Series officials have accepted 16 applications to date, which means there are still 4 seats open. “We want to ensure a high quality field, with good competition throughout the pack, so we’re taking our time in accepting some applications,” said Todd Lamb, one of the principals of the series. He noted, “Follow-up questions about driver resumes and driver expectations are often needed so that we can put together the best field we can.”

The series offers a top prize of $100,000 to the champion. In addition, another driver will be selected by Mazda for its Road To 24 Shootout. Regular season races will also have contingency prizes. 

About Spec MX-5 Challenge

Spec MX-5 Challenge is an affordable pro road racing series with a focus on driver development and a top prize of $100,000. In 2018, its ten-race regular season in the East will run at Virginia International Raceway, Summit Point Raceway, Road Atlanta and Monticello Motor Club. The ten-race Central season will run at NCM Motorsports Park, Circuit of The Americas, Hallett Motor Racing Circuit and NOLA Raceway Park. The top seven drivers from each region will compete at a championship-deciding event at Road Atlanta in November. The twenty drivers selected for the series pay $45,000 and receive full arrive-and-drive services, including transport, entry fees, tires, fuel, mechanical work, engineering and the use of a race car. For more information on Spec MX-5 Challenge, visit:

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