The Tracks of Spec MX-5: Summit Point

Summit Point Motorsports Park, in Summit Point, WV is a 2.0 mile classic track dating from the late ’60s. It has been the site of many SCCA races over the years. Spec MX-5 Challenge – East will visit Summit Point in June of 2018.

Driver comments on Summit Point show why it is a popular track:

  • the track is fast and fun, with both slow and fast corners
  • there is a long straightaway that helps lower-powered spec cars set up passes and practice drafting
  • the track has ample elevation change which creates additional camber challenges in many corners
  • the track has a friendly, family-oriented atmosphere

Check out this video of 2009 MX-5 Cup champion Todd Lamb driving a Spec Boxster in a Porsche Club race for a sense of the track’s complexities:

Spec MX-5 Challenge offers a new rung on the pro ladder system, positioned between Spec Miata and Global MX-5 Cup, with $100k in winnings going to the champion. Costing $45,000 for the season, with full arrive & drive service, including a race car, Spec MX-5 Challenge is a cost-effective series focused on driver development. If you are interested in becoming a Spec MX-5 Challenge driver for the 2018 season, fill out the easy application form here. Deadline is January 31st. For additional information, start with our FAQ.

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