The Tracks Of Spec MX-5: NCM Motorsports Park

The Spec MX-5 Central season kicks off at NCM Motorsports Park in March. NCM Motorsports Park is a new (2014) track located in Bowling Green, Kentucky as part of the National Corvette Museum complex. Built at a cost of $20M, the layout is a collaboration of Steve Crawford with Pratt and Miller. Some outstanding features of the track:

  • The track has inch perfect replicas of corners from Le Mans (Mulsanne Corner, Porsche Curves, Playstation Chicane).
  • The track is very technical without being slow.
  • Patience is critical in getting the most out of a lap.
  • Substantial elevation change.
  • Demands 100% focus the whole time, even the straights aren’t straight.

Spec MX-5 Challenge will run NCM Motorsports Park in NC generation Spec MX-5 race cars rather than the NB generation PTE cars used in this video, so Spec MX-5 pace should be a few seconds faster than this. Spec MX-5 gives 20 drivers the opportunity to win a $100,000 scholarship to Global MX-5 Cup and more, running tracks including Circuit of The Americas, NOLA, VIR and Road Atlanta.

For more information on Spec MX-5 Challenge visit the series website at To register your interest in Spec MX-5 Challenge and get updates sent to you, send an email:

Eastern region: [email protected]

Central region: [email protected]

To apply to run in the series fill out this simple application form (by January 31).

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Spec MX-5 Challenge offers a new rung on the pro ladder system, positioned between Spec Miata and Global MX-5 Cup, with $100k in winnings going to the champion. With full arrive & drive service, Spec MX-5 Challenge is intended to be a cost-effective series focused on driver development. If you are interested in becoming a Spec MX-5 Challenge driver for the 2018 season, fill out the easy application form here. Deadline is January 31st.

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