Spec MX-5 Challenge Focuses On Driver Development

Spec MX-5 Challenge is designed to be an ideal driver development series. Positioned between successful amateur series like Spec Miata and entry-level pro series like Battery Tender Global MX-5 Cup presented by BF Goodrich, Spec MX-5 is specifically designed to help drivers build skills and careers.

“As we have been designing the series, we’ve always paid attention to the areas where we can support driver growth,” said Todd Lamb, owner of Atlanta Speedwerks and one of the principals of the Spec MX-5 Challenge. “Of course, the most important element of driver development is strong competition, so we’ve designed a series that can launch with solid car count and attract a high talent level.” He also pointed that “learning new tracks, building industry networks and getting exposure to sponsors are critical to taking on new challenges and growing as a driver.”

“Many new pro drivers underestimate the cost and focus needed for even their initial move toward the top,” said Tom Martin, CEO of Winding Road Racing, and a principal of the Spec MX-5 Challenge. “That’s partly because costs rise steeply as drivers move up the ladder from amateur racing. With Spec MX-5 Challenge we’ve tried to cut the cost of that first step in half — with a $45,000 season cost — and then support the next step with prize money — $100,000 going to the season champion,” he observed. “But some drivers don’t aspire to a traditional pro career, yet they do want to grow as drivers. The series addresses skill development for all drivers by being a full arrive & drive program. This approach allows the driver to focus completely on simulator work, data analysis, video study, coaching input and feedback to the team,” he added.

The Spec MX-5 Challenge will offer optional coaching services to drivers at each event. In addition, drivers may wish to engage private coaches.

More information on the costs of pro racing are available here.

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